"Celebration of 80th Birth Anniversary of Hon. Shri Annasaheb Dange (Appa)-11 July to 15 July 2016"

Every year we celebrate the birth anniversary of Hon. Shri Annasaheb Dange (Appa). In the whole week we arrange various programs, devoted to social and national cause, like, plantation, blood tastes, blood donation, various competition of hand-writing, essay writing, oratory, rangoli etc. The celebration week concludes with prize distribution ceremony by the hands of eminent guests. This year, Hon. Dr. Tamankar, Principal of Willingdon College-Sangli appreciated the performances of students with prizes.


Plantation Blood Donation Camp
Hymoglobin Test for Girls Inauguration of Vachan Katta
Oratory Competetion Rangoli Competetion
Prize Distribution Ceremony by Hon. Chief Guest Dr. Tamankar, Principal Willingdon College, Sangli