The village of Hatkanangale, although a Taluka place, is one of the draught-stricken and heavily poor rural areas of Maharashtra. It is mainly populated by disadvantaged sections of our society. Except railway line, some administrative offices and a school (secondary), there was no place for the people who wished to pursue higher education and shape their personality & career. Hon. Mr. Annasaheb Dange, the then minister of rural development of Maharashtra state understood and answered to this urgent & persistent call of this rural area. When he decided to initiate this program into rural area of Hatkanangale, the first task was to spread the education into rural mass-especially the disadvantaged sections of our society, like, the women and deprived castes & communities.

Besides, he had to try this experiment in such area where the rate of higher education was next to minimum. Nevertheless, Hon. Mr. Annasaheb Dange, along with his enthusiastic team, undertook the responsibility and with clear vision, first of all build up the proper infrastructure for the learning and then started enrolling the students (June 1998). Then the institution never looked back.

Since its inception under the non-grant status, the college is heading painstakingly towards the excellence in higher education. Accordingly it received acknowledgements from various external assessment agencies. The year 2004 was the year of institute's accreditation by NAAC in which the efforts of institution and its vision were awarded with B grade. The faculty of Arts became grantable in 2004, followed by the faculty of Commerce in 2007. Besides, in 2006 it received Permanent Affiliation to the Shivaji University, Kolhapur, too. Besides, in this year (2009), the college was awarded by the UGC with 2(F) & 12 (B) status. Now all the faculties of in the college are grantable, permanently affiliated and heading towards the re-accreditation process. In the last academic year (2008-09) the college steppe in its Decade year with a new faculty of Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) and a total strength of 451 (93 students in est. year of 1998). Throughout these years, the students benefited by various facilities in the college like, full-fledged & well-furnished physical infrastructure with a library and study-rooms, the computers & internet, and many other programs.

Along with the academical pursuits, the college also tried to inculcate values among the students & sensitized them with the issues, like, respect to the national development, environmental conservation, civic sense, social commitment & global competencies. The college always framed and updated its activities to this end. Besides, the studentsd were also equipped with latest knowledge through which they became competent in the current globalization.

Along with this development of the college, the primary and secondary high-school (with boarding facility) and a primary school (English medium) were also set up in the same campus. We have also devised & proposed plan for the Post Graduate teaching in the college. Then we would be able to fulfill the promise of providing a complete educational infrastructure and opportunity (from KG to PG) to the rural neighborhood.